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Robust. Agile. Collaborative. And you should see our software. Bringing the transformative power of the cloud to the compliance and ethics industry, Convercent's award-winning SaaS solution empowers our customers to be more effective and efficient in managing their compliance efforts. With an inclination towards innovation, Convercent is helping our customers raise the standard--and expectations--for how companies safeguard their financial and reputational health.

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Headquarters:929 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
United States

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It's a new world of business-a world of transparency and mobility, within and between companies, customers and employees. In this world, governance, risk prevention and compliance (GRC) has become especially complex, and it's more challenging than ever to align corporate values with individual employee behavior-not to mention create positive business cultures. Convercent is delivering the first software solution to modernize the way companies bring their values, policies and regulatory compliance activities together with a positive employee engagement experience to create thriving, risk-averse businesses. Convercent is the combination of Business Controls, Inc., a 10+ year leader in hotline and case management software and investigation, compliance and policy development consulting with more than 300 customers across every industry, and Nebbiolo Ventures, a team of proven technology executives who help good companies scale to become great.

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