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Damballa automatically identifies and terminates botnet activity across enterprise networks in real-time, without requiring malware signatures or network behavior profiles.

Web Site:
Headquarters:817 West Peachtree Street
Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30308
United States
Year Founded:2006
Investors:InterWest Partners, Palomar Ventures, Sigma Partners

About Damballa:

Damballa At-A-Glance

Solution: Damballa automatically identifies and terminates botnet activity across enterprise networks in real-time, without requiring malware signatures or network behavior profiles. The Damballa solution combines out-of-band appliances with a management console. Damballa has four patents pending.

Benefits: Fast, accurate detection of botnets and other remote-controlled criminal threats.
Active termination of malicious crimeware Command-and-Control (CnC) communications.
Detailed forensics for reporting, remediation and e-discovery.

Customers: Global 1000 corporations, large service providers, OEM partners and government agencies.

Established: April 2006 with core technology from Georgia Tech.

Investors: Sigma Partners, Interwest Partners, Palomar Ventures, Noro-Moseley Partners, Imlay Investments, GRA Venture Fund.

Leadership: Val Rahmani, CEO. Former GM of industry pioneer IBM Internet Security Systems (IBM ISS). Val Rahmani brings over 25 years of customer-driven business and technical leadership to Damballa. Prior to IBM ISS, Val held several general management roles within IBM, including multi-billion dollar hardware, software and services businesses.

Gunter Ollmann, VP of Research. Gunter Ollmann has over 20 years of experience in network security research and product development. Prior to joining Damballa, Gunter held several strategic positions at ISS and IBM, including Chief Security Strategist and director of ISS' X-Force research organization.

Tripp Cox, VP of Engineering. Tripp Cox directs Damballa's engineering efforts. Prior to Damballa, Tripp was the Chief Technology Officer and VP of Technology at EarthLink, where he was responsible for all aspects of EarthLink's technology strategy, including products and services, back office, and information technology processes and governance.

Founders: Dr. Merrick Furst. Merrick holds an endowed chair as Georgia Institute of Technology's "Distinguished Professor of Computing" and is an associate dean in the College of Computing. Merrick was the founder and CEO of Essential Surfing Gear, an Internet software company that provided technology to bring information to people as they browsed the Web.

Dr. Wenke Lee. Dr. Wenke Lee is a Professor in the School of Computer Science, College of Computing, the Georgia Institute of Technology. His current research projects are in the areas of botnet detection, malware analysis, virtual machine monitoring and Web 2.0 security and privacy.

Technical Advisors: Ray Komar, VP of Business Development, McAfee

Peter Kuper, former lead software analyst, Morgan Stanley

Jason Livingood, Executive Director of Internet Systems Engineering, Comcast Cable

M. Thomas McNeight, former President and CEO of GuardedNet

Christopher J. Rouland, CEO and Co-Founder of Endgame Systems

Headquarters: Damballa is privately held and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Web: www.damballa.com
Blog: blog.damballa.com
Twitter: DamballaInc

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