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Have you ever had a frustrating experience dealing with a big company We have, and we're building a service that rethinks how customer service is delivered. The venture is run by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have previously raised funding from Kleiner Perkins and other leading venture firms.

Web Site:
Headquarters:Palo Alto
San Francisco, CA 94301
United States
Year Founded:2010
Industry:IT Services

About Directly:

INSIDR helps you save time and hassle dealing with big companies by tapping a network of anonymous insiders that are close to big companies and are willing to help when the company can't or won't. These insiders understand the companies from the inside out and can help navigate red tape and fix problems - from disputing a phone bill, to scheduling a home appointment with a cable company, to re-booking a flight, to negotiating a lower rate with your credit card company, or simply getting hard-to-find phone numbers and email addresses. In return, these insiders get free access to other insiders when they need help.

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