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EnergyHub provides a cloud-hosted software platform for managing energy use in homes and small businesses. We sell through a variety of channels: thermostat OEMs, electric utilities, and digital service providers. Together, our partners have sold over 100,000 EnergyHub-powered devices, and we have our sights set on 1 million devices in the next few years. We've raised about 18M of venture capital, and we're based in Brooklyn, NY.

Web Site:
Headquarters:232 Third St Suite C201
Brooklyn, NY 11215
United States
Year Founded:2007
Industry:Cleantech / Energy
Investors:Physic Ventures

About EnergyHub:

EnergyHub, an independent subsidiary of, provides a cloud-hosted platform for managing energy use in homes and small businesses. Together, EnergyHub and are leading the Internet of Things revolution: has more than two millions subscribers, and almost a million people are connected to EnergyHub.

Thermostat manufacturers white-label EnergyHub's software to give their users a simple and convenient way to control wi-fi thermostats from any smartphone. Utilities use EnergyHub to keep the power grid stable. Home security and cable companies use EnergyHub to bake cutting-edge energy management capabilities into their existing products.

EnergyHub is leveraging its leadership position in the IoT to develop the most advanced, intelligent device-control technologies in the world. We're on track to triple our revenue from 2014 to 2015, and we're making a huge environmental impact while saving our customers a ton of money. Come join us.

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Sales Engineer


Stage 4: Shipping Product 

Work with prospective customers to demonstrate and prove EnergyHub’s value through our products and services and envision, determine, and communicate how EnergyHub can best serve its customers’ unique needs.

10/6/2014  Brooklyn, NY  Save This Job