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Platform for Personal Social Responsibility to manage your cause and action portfolio. Everyone has a cause. Start discovering yours through your friends in Gudville.

Web Site:
Headquarters:228 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
United States
Year Founded:2012
Investors:Accel Partners

About EnterpriseNube:

We believe everyone has a cause. Some like to start and lead causes, others like to support and pitch in with friends. And many of us are yet to discover a cause worthy of our involvement and support.

Gudville attempts to engage each one of us in a unique way.



EnterpriseNube is a next generation business services firm that helps corporations navigate the emerging digital world. The changing power equation between individuals and organizations brought about by online social networks call for change in business strategy, business processes and Enterprise IT design. It also calls for change in delivery and consumption models for the enterprise IT and business services.EnterpriseNube helps organizations bridge this gap as we move to a more collaborative, and inclusive business environment.

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