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First Funder is the world's first partner-based crowdfunding platform. We partner with well known entrepreneurship programs and community organizations and allow them to post vetted campaigns on our site to be funded. That means investors can invest with confidence that the enterprise they're supporting actually exists and with the knowledge that it is backed by a known set of experts. Our model makes it easy people to find and support great projects in their community.

Web Site:
Headquarters:4450 Arapahoe Ave
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80303
United States
Year Founded:2012
Industry:Financial Services
Investors:Nancy Pierce

About First Funder:

Crowdfunding Redefined:
Crowdfunding is a relatively new industry that is built on an age-old concept: People helping people. Historically, this has meant people helping others within their community, but times have changed. Now people can reach across town and even across continents to help people they have never even met. This, of course, can be a good thing, but there are people who are only too happy to take advantage of the kindness of strangers and therein lies the crowdfunding industry's greatest challenge: How do you know who to trust First Funder has answered this question by creating the world's first partner-based crowdfunding platform.

What is Partner-Based Crowdfunding

First Funder partners with entrepreneurship programs and other community-based organizations to tap into the power of their communities. Each partner is given a branded portal on the First Funder website through which they can fund themselves and their initiatives. There are no one-off campaigns on First Funder. Each and every one is sponsored by a trusted community organization.

First and foremost, each of our partners is tapping directly into the funding power of their own communities. However, First Funder links all of the communities together so that a member of one trusted community can browse any other trusted community to find and fund the initiatives that matter most to them.

We think we have a great approach and we're not alone

Since launching, First Funder has been featured in dozens of publications, including:
Wall Street Journal (September 14, 2012)
Barron's (September 8, 2012)
Dow Jones VentureWire (September 13, 2012)
Boulder County Business Report (September 28, 2012)

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