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Frontporch Care is the Airbnb for In-Home Care. We connect families with in-home caregivers, and allow them to manage the relationship online.

Web Site:
Headquarters:New York, NY 10012
United States
Year Founded:2013
Industry:Healthcare Services

About Frontporch Care Inc.:

Two forces:

1) Aging Seniors: The Senior population is aging faster than ever before. 10,000 people turned 65 today in the US. There is increasing demand for in-home care services.

2) Large Independent Workforce: In-home caregivers comprise the second largest workforce in the nation, and is expected to be the largest by 2020.

Current model: Families must hire a local agency, which charges 2X what they pay a caregiver. Or they can try their luck on Craigslist... Most families pay out-of-pocket, and are very price sensitive.

Frontporch Care is dedicated to making it easy and affordable to find, hire and manage caregivers for a loved one online. We are passionate about creating an excellent product and service for our users, and disrupting an inefficient industry.

We are seeking individuals who want truly want to reshape the home health industry. If this excites you, please apply.

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