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GAW Labs has launched the next evolution in communications. Introducing the world's first and only Visual Phone System. WYSIWIG. Drag-and-Drop. It's simple, intuitive, powerful, and as open-ended as your own creativity

Web Site:
Headquarters:280 North Main St
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
United States
Year Founded:2013
Investors:Cantor Fitzgerald

About GAW Labs:

GAW Labs is built around a basic premise: You should be able to run all phases of your business your way. You shouldn't have to be a rocket surgeon to customize your platform. If seven year-olds can download games to their cell phones, there's no reason why an intelligent, successful business professional shouldn't be able to manage a communication platform. There has to be a better way. So we built one. We have the most advance communications system on the planet.

To create a communications system that's truly responsive to how today's business managers think and operate, GAW Labs realized that everything had to change. In order to move the industry forward, we had to reimagine the very philosophy underpinning the architecture that existing and legacy platforms are built on.

A system that serves how your company actually works has to be redesigned and reengineered from the ground up. It must allow anyone, not just IT, to control and shape the way communication flows into, out of and through the business. This means throwing away anything that requires programming or scripting skills.

Easy can't mean limited, either. Your system should be as powerful as it is easy to use. Even if you're a small company, your ability to thrive in today's mobile, adaptable, fast-paced marketplace means you need access to the same feature set as the bigger companies you're often competing with.

Your system needs to be open. Once anyone can manage the platform, people will begin experimenting. Tinkering. Innovating and crafting new ways of communicating. More fluid pathways for flowing inbound calls. More detailed insights into tracking and managing usage. Inventive techniques for fueling enhanced productivity.

All you need is a simple set of intuitive, customizable building blocks and you'll instinctively adapt them to your unique business dynamics.

In other words, GAW Labs had to envision not just a slightly better system for business communication, but a whole new way of thinking about the challenges confronting American companies. Not a faster typewriter, if you will, but a high-octane, modular, responsive office suite. This new system has to be as easy and obvious as dragging and dropping a block of text.

Meet the World's First and Only Visual Phone System

That's how we arrived at the GAW Labs Visual Phone System. WYSIWIG. Drag-and-Drop. It allows you to structure the communications system that you always wished was possible. No boundaries, no limits. Your business, your way.

It's simple, intuitive, powerful, and as open-ended as your own creativity.

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