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We develop software, utilizing our patented technologies, to dramatically reduce the cost of creating animated feature films, commercials, and special effects.

Web Site:
Headquarters:San Diego, CA 92037
United States
Year Founded:2011
Industry:Media and Entertainment
Investors:Bob Baltera

About Go Ghost:

We're a unique company composed of both software engineers and digital artists, developing our own tools to create 3D animated media. Thanks to our advanced tools, our CG commercials have won numerous awards and have been seen around the world. You may have already seen a few of them without realizing it

The entire animation industry is being held hostage by a process that is now over 18 years old, causing films, commercials, and visual effects to cost far too much. It's no coincidence that the average animated film costs over 100M to create Our mission is to help alleviate this problem by expanding the usability of our prototype software into the market, allowing other studios to experience the improvements and cost savings we have.

We need your help transforming the animation industry

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