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HealthLoop is an automated patient follow up solution that tracks recovery and improves outcomes by engaging patients with their doctor between visits.

Web Site:
Headquarters:465 Fairchild
Suite 105
San Jose / Mountain View, CA 94043
United States
Year Founded:2009
Investors:Canvas, Subtraction Capital

About HealthLoop:

In the U.S. healthcare system, there are effective methods for diagnosing and treating patients, but not for following up with patients.

HealthLoop's 'Early Warning System' helps doctors identify patients at risk of decline throughout the follow up period.

Problem: When a physician recommends treatment and sends a patient home, (s)he does not know whether the patient is doing as instructed, or is recovering as expected. The patient does not know how to interpret new symptoms and when to communicate with the doctor. As a result, there are sub-optimal outcomes, patient frustration, and increased healthcare costs.

Solution: HealthLoop's HIPAA compliant SaaS platform and library of configurable electronic follow up protocols (Loops) enable medical practices to efficiently monitor signs and symptoms, and communicate with patients during the recovery process. Developed by physician specialists, Loops collect patient feedback and monitor status against expected progress. Alerts sent to the physician or provider when data indicate that a patient is at risk of treatment failure, complication, or hospital readmission.

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