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Recently celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leading independent music publisher in the US, HoriPro Entertainment Group, incorporated HORIPRO Music Academy, home of ColorSoundation method, in 2005. The music school strives to provide students of all ages and levels with the highest quality of music education and performance experiences.

Web Site:
Headquarters:2372 Veteran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064
United States
Industry:Media and Entertainment

About HoriPro Entertainment Group:

Originally founded in Japan in 1960, HoriPro is one of the leading total entertainment providers in Japan, acting as an agency, TV & film production, rights management, and more.

In 1989, HoriPro opened HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc. in the United States, strictly focused on music publishing. Recently celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leading independent music publisher, HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc. (H.E.G.) publishes many hits, worldwide, including those of KISS, REO Speedwagon, Marilyn Manson, Jerry Reed, and many more.

In addition to music publishing, H.E.G. owns a music instruction school, HORIPRO Music Academy, which/who() provides music education to hundreds of students from their two locations in the Los Angeles area.

HORIPRO Music Academy is home of the ColorSoundation method, a groundbreaking method employing color--coded exercises to help young children quickly develop essential music skills. Through participation in engaging group classes, ColorSoundation introduces children ages 3--6 to music literacy, pitch training and rhythm, while simultaneously developing both social and personal developmental skills.

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