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Our online "one stop shop" portal helps local governments attract film/TV production revenue in ways beyond a financial tax incentive "race to the bottom". We normalize the many disparate approval policies and actions into an easy to use dashboard that filmmakers have described as "the best friend of every Unit Production Manager on the Planet" Communities get new filming revenues, production delays/mistakes are reduced and everyone wins

Web Site:
Headquarters:6130 Pin Oak Lane
Alpharetta, GA 30005-4127
United States
Year Founded:2010

About Information System Integrators, Inc.:

After 25+ years in the information sharing industry, Dale Sizemore, CEO and founder, created as a service to improve business process flow between event/TV/Movie productions and local governments.

Dec.8, 2010, 7:15 am - Dale reads an article in the paper "Government does not make it easy for filmmakers to navigate local government policies". After research and discovering there were no commercially available, cost effective tools, FLIPSFilm was mapped out and 5 months later, we had paying customers.

Fast forward to today and we have 100 customer renewals. Film and TV producers, local vendors and communities have endorsed and used FLIPSFilm as a way to make filming easier, faster and more predictable.

The online portal has a highly scalable business model and a proven validation in the marketplace.

Located in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, we are ready to begin expanding our team with this bootstrapped project.

We already have customer interest beyond Georgia (all the way to Romania and Czech Republic - thanks to the enthusiastic endorsement of a Beverly Hills filmmaker and voter of Golden Globes)

If you like making a difference with a niche market, solving real problems for real customers, you just described our company

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