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Headquarters:Manhattan, NY 10012
United States
Year Founded:2013

About Innovation Department:

Innovation Department is a Brand Studio dedicated to building great companies that will have a long-lasting impact on the way we live. Technological innovation is changing the way consumers and businesses think about commerce. As a result, a new breed of brands is evolving to meet the expectations and standards of modern commerce. We've positioned ourselves to be at the forefront of this ongoing wave of change. Our Brand Studio is differentiated by its ability to fuse technology and consumer branding to ignite remarkable growth. We offer a differentiated mix of core competencies and capabilities for brands that we invest in or create organically. We focus on areas of opportunity where technology can be used as a distinct advantage and where market trends support significant scalable growth. Our ideas, people, capital and data are integrated in an imaginative way to enable the creation of beneficial and transformative brands that enhance modern living. Within our studio, we build and activate our platform of resources to foster and strengthen our companies. We also make seed investments in other companies when we believe that will make us better at what we do.

We do everything we can to facilitate our goals within our studio so we can build brands better, smarter and with more meaning. The more we innovate, the more we learn and the more ideas we generate that make our platform stronger. We cultivate an environment for collaboration and experimentation, overseen by our industry experts and a custom-built team of entrepreneurs and advisors. Our growing team of engineers, designers, editors and creatives continually build, launch and iterate potential concepts and we only commit to the brands that we feel will make a meaningful and substantive impact on the world at large.

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