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In business, the most sought after people are often the busiest and also the most well connected. For those seen as Connectors, the process of making referrals can be quite time consuming and difficult to keep track of. We're a startup that will make it easy for Connectors to make and track introductions and referrals to others in their professional and personal networks.

Web Site:
Headquarters:677 Broadway, 10th Floor
Albany, NY 12207
United States
Year Founded:2013

About IntroNet:

We're a brand spanking new company, but already have a running start The company was founded by two startup technology veterans, Martin Babinec and Mike Krupit, so we know what we're doing. There is already seed capital and a ton of experience and connections for us to leverage. We are a virtual team with Martin in Upstate NY and Mike in Philly. We operate using Lean principles.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have a physical location yet and are open to consider candidates from various parts of the U.S.

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