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Invincea, Inc., formerly Secure Command, Inc, is an award-winning venture-backed software security company that is the first to develop and bring to market a fully virtualized browser protection product. Invincea Browser Protection protects enterprise users and networks from Web-borne malware infections.

Web Site:
Headquarters:3975 University Drive, Suite 460
Fairfax, VA 22030
United States
Year Founded:2006
Investors:CIT GAP Funds, Grotech Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures

About Invincea, Inc:

Company Summary
Invincea, Inc. is a venture-backed, software security company developing innovative products to secure the desktop based on novel patent-pending technologies. Our award-winning flagship product, Invincea Browser Protection, allows users to surf the Web with privacy while providing total protection from Internet-based threats. Were looking for self-starters interested in seeing their products on every desktop to re-shape the way computers are secured against Internet attacks.

Revolutionary Product
Invincea Browser Protection represents a radical departure from anti-virus products in protecting the desktop against threats. Internet Cleanroom is a secure platform for all web browsing that prevents infections in the first place by virtualizing the online session. Using IBP, the users browsing experience is unchanged, but the user is protected against Internet threats, including novel ones for which no signature currently exist. Invincea developed IBP with funding from DARPA to address the growing gap between sophisticated and motivated adversaries methods and the tools currently available to defend against them.

Invincea was named the most innovative company at RSA 2011.

Competitive Edge
IBP takes a radically different approach to endpoint security than is currently found in the commercial market today. Current approaches rely on signatures of malicious code or content. Signature-based approaches are no longer sufficient to protecting host machines because the rate of new malicious code generation far exceeds the rate at which signatures can be developed and distributed.

IBP breaks from this paradigm by providing a virtualized solution to Internet browsing so that the host operating system is never put at risk.

Invincea was funded by DARPA to build the initial prototype of IBP. In March 2009, Invincea closed its Series A round of venture financing with Grotech Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures and Virginia CIT.

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