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At Live Gamer, we are dedicated to building a collaborative culture where every voice is heard and every challenge is tackled together to achieve the maximum results for our clients. As a very diverse company with six offices across three continents, we foster cross-team interaction around the clock and believe that proper, effective communication is a key element to achieving our clients' goals. Inclusion, respect and integrity are our priorities at all times, and we do not compromise these values at any time, for any reason. We aim to nurture everyone's unique abilities to develop their care

Web Site:
Headquarters:678 Broadway
Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10012
United States
Year Founded:2007
Industry:IT Services
Investors:Charles River Ventures, FirstMark Capital, Highbridge Capital, Kodiak Venture Partners, Rustic Canyon Partners, Tribeca Venture Partners

About Live Gamer:

Live Gamer is a pioneering provider of e-commerce solutions in the digital space. From introducing one of the first micro-transaction and virtual economy engines - Elements- - one of the most sophisticated e-commerce SaaS platforms available on the market - to providing cutting-edge payment and engagement tools for digital entertainment and enterprise customers, Live Gamer has constantly evolved to become a global leader in driving new monetization and revenue optimization solutions for multiple industries. Live Gamer is headquartered in New York City with offices in Palo Alto, California, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Luxembourg, Seoul and Shanghai.

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