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MacStadium is the leading global provider of Apple Mac mini hosting, colocation, and Cloud computing solutions for business. MacStadium is part of a 10M privately held group of data center and cloud services companies focused on managed solutions for SMBs and Enterprise clients. Today, MacStadium provides managed services and infrastructure-as-a-service to over 2,500 clients from over 40+ countries worldwide.

Web Site:
Headquarters:1000 Hemphill Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30318
United States
Year Founded:2012
Industry:IT Services

About MacStadium, Inc.:

MacStadium was custom built from the ground up to facilitate the hosting of Mac mini's in the most efficient environment possible. The heart of the MacStadium is a 1,000 sq feet secure cage in our own privately owned SAE16 and PCI DSS certified data center.

Inside the MacStadium cages are custom fabricated racks using a patent pending design capable of seating 460 Mac mini's each. Each seated Mac mini has its own remotely controlled APC power switch and dedicated Ethernet ports for both Internet connectivity and optional iSCSI SAN storage. Each Mac mini's uncapped 100Mb Internet connection is diversely connected to a pair of Cisco 6500 core switches, which are in turn connected to our double redundant Juniper core routing infrastructure.

Our goal at the MacStadium is to deliver the highest overall product value while maintaining the hands on customer service and support that we have built into our business since inception. Our customer satisfaction ratings are consistently 4.6+ out of 5.0 in every category.

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