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MediMobile is the leading provider of mobile charge capture apps for physicians and care providers. Our mission is to simplify the business of health care, from medical coding to patient billing, for providers to help them save time and increase revenue. With MediMobile, you'll spend more time with patients and less on tedious paperwork.

Web Site:
Headquarters:1918 Leander Rd.
Georgetown, TX 78628
United States
Year Founded:2000
Industry:Healthcare Services

About MediMobile:

In the early 2000's, MediMobile began working with providers in the health care industry. We realized that charges were being lost or missed on a regular basis due to manual, paper-based processes. That is when the idea for mobile charge capture was born. MediMobile started with a simple idea: Use technology to ease the pain of charge capture, let our customers drive the features needed, provide support with real, live people and keep cost affordable.

In 2005, James Enis and Paul Valenzuela took the reins and started with a small group of the best business and technology minds. We built a system that would allow medical providers to capture the information they were storing, and sometimes losing, on note cards or sheets of paper. The result developed into the first versions of MediMobile for Windows Mobile and the web. Long before there were iPhones or iPads we were pushing the envelope in mobile technology.

We've come a long way since those days and we continually stay on top of the newest technologies. Our core principles of providing an excellent product, world class customer service and business scalability are still the foundation of what this company is built upon.

Today, we handle millions of transactions every week and have integrations with some of the largest hospitals in the country. We don't want our customers to have to think about all of that. We want them to have a partner in the business side of medicine. We want them to be able to focus on their patients and trust us to take care of the rest.

Some people thought that what we were trying to do couldn't be done on a phone. We're pleased to say we've proven them wrong.

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