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Our company, NGCodec Inc., is developing the world's best H.265/HEVC video encoder silicon IP to enable OEM's to enable cloud based encoding at up to 4K UHD resolutions.

Web Site:
Headquarters:440 North Wolfe Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
United States
Year Founded:2012
Investors:Belmore Capital, Xilinx Inc.

About NGCodec:

-- Technology: H.265 video encoder IP for licensing to FPGA and SoC customers.

-- Business Model (Phase 1):Licensing semiconductor business model (like ARM). Upfront License fee (multiple M), annual support and maintenance (multiple K), per unit royalty (multiple cents).

-- Business Model (Phase 2): Stealth mode, ask us in person.

-- Our Edge: Low latency; system power consumption; compression efficiency; real- time in a FPGA; existing customer relationships. We are the only team that has delivered 20ms glass-to-glass low latency over a wireless link. Very important for live video and VR applications. 4th Gen design allows us to lower system power consumption. FPGA encoders are 10x the efficiency of SW encoders.

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