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We design and manufacture and sell the world's most innovative and minimalist smartphone accessories.

Web Site:
Headquarters:539 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133
United States
Year Founded:2012
Industry:Consumer Products and Services

About NOMAD:

We're a team from San Francisco working hard to dream up and build out tools for the 21st century nomad.

And who exactly is a 21st century nomad It's us and it's you. It's anyone who'd rather live more than own more. Anyone who'd rather invest in experience than waste money, energy and time on useless stuff. Anyone who looks at their smartphone as a tool helping them them intertwine work, life and adventure.

Like any good nomads, we started NOMAD on the run while living between a basement, a garage, a boat and the open road.

We're focused on building simple solutions to simple problems, problems that shouldn't slow us or you down. ChargeCard and ChargeKey are just the start of our modern, minimalist, mobility movement. Check us out:

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