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The leader in predictive analytics for IT

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Headquarters:12700 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20191
United States
Year Founded:2002

About Netuitive:

The virtualized data centers, cloud infrastructures and mission-critical applications on which enterprises are staking their futures can't be monitored or managed with the tools of the past. That's why more than 350 leading organizations including eight of the world's biggest banks, two of the largest telcos and many government agencies depend on Netuitive predictive analytics: a proven performance and capacity management solution tailor made for today's most complex IT environments . . . virtual, physical and cloud.

Enabled by our patented Behavior Learning Engine, only award-winning Netuitive software delivers the end-to-end visibility and automated diagnostics for truly proactive, predictive and preventive IT management. Rising to the complexities of virtualization and cloud computing, Netuitive software monitors the inter-related performance of thousands of configuration items spanning multiple systems, services and silos. The result confirmed by real-world customer experience and analyst evaluation is Netuitive's unique ability to forecast, diagnose and resolve performance problems before they impact quality of service.

Unlike rules-based solutions that rely on human guesswork, Netuitive's Behavior Learning Engine applies automated mathematics and statistical analysis to self-learn and continuously adapt to changing business conditions. Addressing head-on the challenge described by Gartner that 70 percent of IT professionals have little or no confidence in their current monitoring solutions, Netuitive's Behavior Learning Engine delivers the industry's most accurate indicators of impending performance issues.

Industry analysts have independently confirmed the game-changing power of Netuitive the only truly self-learning performance and capacity management solution on the market today. Gartner has called behavior learning technology "transformational," writing in a 2009 report: "Behavior learning technologies have emerged as a new way to monitor the health of IT infrastructure. They move IT operations to a more proactive state, where issues can be detected and addressed before affecting the business."

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