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Ohsome Interactive is a data-driven experiential technology firm. We create unique, trackable experiences that brands and agencies use in experiential campaigns to connect with consumers. Our vision is to change the way that brands and consumers interact. We do this through the use of new technology, delivering previously un-seen experiences to consumers via brands.

Web Site:
Headquarters:656 Belmont Bay Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191
United States
Year Founded:2008

About Ohsome Interactive:

New Technology + Analytical Foundation
At Ohsome, we use new technology to build productized experiences for experiential marketing because it reduces the production time and investment for our clients while maintaining quality and allowing for innovation. By following a product oriented structure rather, we can focus on what we believe truly matters: R&D of new technology for new brand experiences, integration of a robust analytical engine and the integrity of plug and play functionality in all of our applications. Doing this allows us to build a base application that is solid, integrated and flexible for our clients to customize and build on top of.

Who We Are
We are comprised of tinkerers who are passionate about new technology and experiences. We love to push the boundaries, to flip convention on its head and see where that takes us. We're excited about life and the possibilities of where we can take it. We see opportunity in everything. We're geeks. We have a natural desire to understand the ins and outs of our world. We dismantle and reassemble to gain better knowledge. We test and tweak, then retest. We pour over data and want to see things first hand. We refine, we distill, we expand the things around us. We are chemists of technology and method, mixing and matching to find the right combination of Oh & Awesome. We're Ohsome.

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