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Predilytics provides heathcare analytic products that deliver unique predictive models and business information to enable sales, marketing, clinical and operational improvements. We generate the required information to enhance revenue and earnings performance. In addition, the company provides services to help our customers execute on the analytic information and drive business results.

Web Site:
Headquarters:150 Baker Ave Ext
Suite 300
Concord, MA 07142
United States
Year Founded:2011
Industry:Healthcare Services
Investors:Flybridge Capital Partners, Google Ventures, Highland Capital Partners


Predilytics, Inc. is an information technology company that provides solutions to the healthcare industry. The Company's products focus on assisting health plans, providers and risk bearing entities identify and prioritize opportunities against key business initiatives: improve appropriate documentation for disease burden, attract and retain plan membership, enhance the effectiveness of care management, and reduce costly facility admissions/re-admissions. Predilytics utilizes the latest machine learning technology; proven in the financial and advertising sectors but not yet leveraged in the healthcare market.

Predilytics offers a new approach for generating healthcare insights - applying big data, machine learning technology to create transparent, unbiased, business driven results. This approach provides exceptional predictive models that are 2x to 4x more insightful and actionable than conventional statistical/regression modelling and rules-based methods. Additionally, this approach allows for efficient allocation of limited resources; leveraging marketing and reducing costs.


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