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RedVision is the fastest growing provider of title searches and real property data solutions in the nation, serving over 1,650 customers in the real estate industry including lenders, title underwriters, title agents, attorneys, settlement and default servicing firms. RedVision completes over 1 million title searches per year, consistently delivering complete and accurate title searches quickly in your specified format - directly into your system.

Web Site:
Headquarters:1055 Parsippany Boulevard
Suite 412
Parsippany, NJ 07054
United States
Year Founded:2001
Investors:Edison Partners, Updata Partners

About RedVision:

RedVision is committed to a mutually successful, long-term business partnership with you. Our goal is to work with you to identify and solve the title search, production and real property research challenges you face today and help create new opportunities for tomorrow.

To achieve this goal, RedVision combines innovative technology with highly qualified service professionals. Managed by industry experts, RedVision is your single point provider for the most comprehensive, customer-oriented title reporting and property research solutions in the nation.
--National Coverage
--Quality Title Searches
--Local Expertise
--Competitive Pricing
--Fast Turn Times
--Customizable Reports & Solutions
--Independently Owned
--Custom Integration Options

Our Solutions

RedVision offers an array of title information services based on the TitleVisionTM platform. RedVision's patent-pending technology, electronically posts virtually all of the data needed to complete most title searches, including courthouse records, property appraiser values and property tax data. Our advanced posting algorithms and SmartFilter technology ensures that only the most relevant records need to be reviewed, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

We break the title search workflow into small, discrete steps, and partner with you to determine the best blend of our technology and professional service staff and your resources for the ultimate process optimization.

We offer:
--A vast research platform: our title database uses patent-pending technology to bring together relevant documents and images efficiently
--Intelligent workflow: automated business rules ensure quality control checkpoints to minimize errors
--Well-trained, professional service staff, including appraisers and examiners: a "virtual production line" uses our title database and intelligent workflow platform to streamline the search process in the most cost-effective way

The Reports - a managed service based on the TitleVisionTM platform utilizing RedVision's service center to deliver customized searches reliably and efficiently.

The Platform - a blended solution offering the best mix of your resources, RedVision's Managed Services and other partners wrapped in an intelligent workflow management system.
The Title Database - a web-based search tool for producing uniform title searches anytime, anywhere.

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