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The venture (incubated by Sage Partners) provides an enterprise software development platform (ESDP) optimized and focused for use by software developers, systems analysts, business experts and consultants. The core product reduces software development time and cost by a factor of 10 over all other methodologies.

Web Site:
Headquarters:Wilhelminapark 10
5911 ED Venlo
Year Founded:2011
Investors:Hugo van der Zee, John Conway

About Sage Partners:


The venture was founded by Alberto Boin and Hugo van der Zee in 2011 and was incubated by Sage Partners, a collaborative of executive management consultants from many of the world's major consulting firms ( Sage and other "angels" have invested well over 2 million towards the development of the platform. The venture's technology has been proven by successfully creating fully functional enterprise software solutions for more than 60 companies across many industries. Sage Partners is now moving HQ from Switzerland to Boston, MA.


The venture's product permits users to assemble outsourced (e.g. cloud) or in-sourced (e.g. legacy) software modules, much like Lego blocks, to create a fully functional enterprise application.

The venture's technologies act in harmony to allow:
--Creation of solutions from scratch
--Extension of existing applications
--Integration with legacy applications and data
--Interaction with private and public clouds

The venture's software can input and output to or from any source or destination including mainframe, desktop, laptop, tablets, smart phones, machine tools, and / or other sensory or activation devices.

The venture supports an iterative approach to the creation of complex enterprise solutions and complies with the industry standard "Agile" software development methodology of Design, Develop, Test, Modify and Repeat.

The platform consists of a suite of tools that support Agile life cycle steps.
These tools include:
--Business Process Modeler
--Application Designer
--Prototype Builder
--Development Assembly Line
--Documentation Manager
--Legacy Integrator
--Security Monitor
--System Monitor

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