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Web Site:
Headquarters:79 Madison Ave
Frnt 2
New York, NY 10016
United States
Year Founded:2010
Industry:Media and Entertainment
Investors:Popham Management, LLC

About Sang Lucci: is the public face of multiple business operations that provide investors, algorithmic and non-algorithmic professionals, and aspiring traders with one thing beyond anything else: ACCESS.

Sang Lucci Trading, LLC is a multi-faceted media venture. Through our written and video content on, we use firsthand accounts and in-depth journalism to inform the public about the forces shaping the modern financial industry. Our educational services provide students with top-notch education from expert traders excelling in options, tape reading, market sentiment analysis, trading psychology and behavioral management, commission structures and trade execution technology.

Sang Lucci Capital Partners, LP launched in February of 2012 as a hedge fund trading weekly and monthly options for select accredited investors. Since inception, the fund has produced substantial returns on investment and continues to grow alongside investors seeking a high-risk, high-return allocation within their broader investment portfolios. See more in our executive summary.

Sang Lucci's second hedge fund, launched in 2013 in partnership with Haim Bodek, is a multi-portfolio manager operation that employs elite traders pursuing favorable profit splits, explosive growth opportunities, and a work environment conducive to the exploration of unorthodox trading methodologies.

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