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Skillz is the world's first cash tournament SDK, designed to make gaming more fun and game development more profitable. Skillz can be integrated into almost any mobile game, enabling an added layer of tournament play which allows gamers to play their favorite games for cash and prizes.

Web Site:
Headquarters:200 State Street
Boston, MA 02215
United States
Year Founded:2012
Industry:Media and Entertainment
Investors:Atlas Venture

About Skillz:

In 2012, the top 25 development studios earned more than half of all mobile revenue, while 80 of developers couldn't make enough money to survive as businesses. Unfortunately, the numbers show that mobile ads and in-app purchases aren't enough to support a thriving developer community. We want to change that. We see a world where studios of all sizes can flourish. That's why we created Skillz, the world's first cash tournament SDK. Skillz enables new direct revenue for game developers, while enhancing the existing monetization tools inside most mobile games. Unlike ads and offer walls which can interrupt the user experience, Skillz improves gameplay by tapping into gamers' fundamental desire for meaningful competition.
Skillz games currently reach more than 25 million mobile gamers. Our offices are in Boston and San Francisco, and our team comes from companies like Google, Atari, and Electronic Arts. We've created award-winning video games, top 20 shopping apps, and the world's first mobile self-checkout system. Skillz is built, tested, and trusted by gamers.

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