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Web Site:
Headquarters:34 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA 02210
United States
Year Founded:2003
Investors:Intel Capital, RRE Ventures

About Skyhook Wireless:

Skyhook was founded in 2003 to capitalize on the increasing demand for location-based services. The first location technologies, GPS and cell tower triangulation, were inadequate - leaving frustrated mobile consumers with slow and inaccurate positioning information. In response, Skyhook developed a software-only location system based on Wi-Fi positioning, GPS and cell tower triangulation. Taking advantage of the hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi access points throughout populated areas, Skyhook consistently provides accurate location information indoors and in urban areas.

Skyhook's location technology is the fastest, most accurate, most reliable and most flexible location system on the market today. Skyhook's patented technology is positioned to location-enable hundreds of millions of applications and mobile devices, including smartphones, netbooks, laptops, cameras and gaming devices.

From traditional navigation apps to cutting edge augmented reality browsers, today's mobile applications require location that works reliably and quickly everywhere consumers travel, from rural to urban areas, indoors and outside.

Skyhook is the only location system that meets today's consumer, developer and device maker demands for location performance.

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