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Our machine condenses the natural humidity in the air, and through a patented filtration system produces pure drinking water. There's no plumbing required, no plastic bottles, and no delivery trucks. All you need is a standard electrical outlet, so it can be placed in more locations around the office-such as conference rooms or lobbies.

Web Site:
Headquarters:2856 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404
United States
Year Founded:2011
Industry:Consumer Products and Services

About Skywell:

The company started with a simple goal: To change how the world thinks about drinking water.

Clearly, our planet needs a better way to create and dispense drinking water-a new approach that's convenient for consumers, yet respectful of our environment. No plastic bottles, no delivery trucks, no added chemicals or unnecessary water waste. And a cost that's comparable to traditional methods, including bottled water delivery and single-use bottles. This new approach had to be self-contained-no plumbing required-with super-efficient filtering, very low maintenance, and very high purity.

The solution: revolutionary technology that literally creates water from the air. Skywell takes our planet's most plentiful resource-the air around us-condenses and filters it, and creates one of our most precious resources: pure, clean drinking water. We call it air water. To produce it, all you need is a Skywell and a standard electrical outlet.

Skywell is committed to making a positive impact on our world's water crisis. We're empowering people to control their own water supply-and in the process, to act in a socially responsible manner regarding the Earth's waning supply of clean drinking water.

The time is right for Skywell. It's here, now. And for us, it's not just a product; it's a mission.

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