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Software Advice is a lead generation firm for software companies. Through our website and telephone consultations, we match software buyers with vendors that can meet their needs. Our rigorous matching process and "under-the-hood" technology results in the most highly qualified referrals for software vendors. We're able to offer this service to buyers for free, because software vendors pay us on a "pay-per-lead" basis. Buyers get great advice. Sellers get great referrals.

Web Site:
Headquarters:200 Academy Drive
Suite 120
Austin, TX 78704
United States
Year Founded:2005

About Software Advice :

-Who we are-
We're a group of 50 working hard and not complaining because we're on a roll. Hard work, opportunity and a little luck have provided us with successful careers in the booming web marketing field. We're looking for new people to join us, win with us, and have push-up contests.

-What we do-
We meet software buyers on the web and match them with a short list of software companies that meet their needs. Software companies pay us for referrals that match their target customer profile. Buyers get free advice; software companies get highly qualified leads. It works out nicely.

-What we offer-
A career -- one where you can grow. We pay well. We provide great PPO healthcare insurance, dental and vision insurance, a matching 401k, three weeks of paid vacation a year, a one month work abroad program, a stocked kitchen, and lots of other perks along the way.

-What it's like-
We work in a modern and open space in SoCo. It's bitchin'. Dress is casual. There's a dog or two. But don't let the sweet digs fool you. We're intense and driven. This is a place for people who make their careers a priority; it's not an easy paycheck. Our jobs are hard, and we like it that way.

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