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SpaceCurve's big data platform was created to address the future real-time needs of big data by overcoming the limitations of traditional database and analytics technologies. SpaceCurve is for organizations that want to combine spatial, sensor, temporal, social media and other large data sets and employ complex analytics to deliver immediately actionable intelligence.

Web Site:
Headquarters:710 Second Avenue
Suite 620
Seattle, WA 98104
United States

About SpaceCurve:

Our product is revolutionary. Many have said it, but seldom is it true.

SpaceCurve is a well-funded startup on our way to changing the economics, nature, usefulness and significance of Big Data across many market segments. The next ten years will bring explosive growth in mobility and location-based services, and increasing volumes of geospatial and sensor data will drive demand for real-time models of reality. SpaceCurve is uniquely positioned at the intersection of the growing geospatial and intelligent-location trends that are creating immense opportunities for the rapid implementation of its technologies.

Our executive leadership team has more than seven successful startups under their belts and has a strategic vision for SpaceCurve. We are smart, engaged and passionate about what we do. We believe world-class employees should be rewarded as such. Our employees are offered competitive wages, 401K, premium insurance benefits, full gym membership, flexible PTO, early stage stock options and more

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