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SpecialNeedsWare combines the experience of world renowned special needs professionals with the latest in mobile technology to revolutionize the way individuals with autism communicate and learn. We work closely with our wide variety of customers to improve the lives of special needs families.

Web Site:
Headquarters:908 Broadway
New York, NY 10010
United States
Year Founded:2011

About SpecialNeedsWare:

Our mission is simple... Improving the lives of those with special needs through modern technology. This mission has already received attention from the likes of Mashable and TechCrunch. Our first product, AutisMate, has received rave reviews and changed many lives. SpecialNeedsWare is growing rapidly. We will soon be releasing AutisMate 2.0, and have a number of other products underway.

SpecialNeedsWare was founded by Jonathan Izak in 2011 with the intention of using modern technology to help those with special needs, including his younger brother and first cousin who have autism. The company began with the development of AutisMate, a communication and learning platform for those with autism. The mobile app has already given many children with special needs the ability to communicate and become more independent.

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