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Sqrl is a tool that eliminates the time and profitability lost gathering information from and following-up with clients. As accountants and other professional service providers spend as much as 25 of their time just trying to collect information necessary to perform their work, Sqrl is a web application that puts this process on auto-pilot.

Web Site:
Headquarters:1411 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States
Year Founded:2013
Industry:Business Products and Services
Investors:CincyTechUSA, Hyde Park Venture Partners, Vine Street Ventures

About Sqrl:

Sqrl was founded by two former accountants (don't hold it against us) who started a virtual accounting firm and were tired of losing time & money to the wrangling of client information. You know the "Here's the list of things I need from you and either you go dark or chaos ensues" problem. We all have it in some way or another.

We started Sqrl knowing there had to be a better way to request, follow up on, and retrieve (in our case) client information. Manually emailing and following up or sending snail mail (seriously), is antiquated and pervasive in B2B. So let's fix it together.

We're a fast growing Ohio-based startup, a recent graduate of the Brandery Accelerator, and venture funded. Our team is passionate about solving complex problems with simple, easy-to-use software - because workplace apps shouldn't be terrible. You can learn more at getsqrl.com.

At Sqrl, culture is our number one priority. We focus on results, not timesheets. We love making our users' lives better, and we're willing to work hard to do it.

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