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Stack Exchange is making the internet a better place to get expert answers to your questions by helping communities build Q&A sites. It started with Stack Overflow for programming-related questions and answers, and now we've expanded to more than 90 expert sites focused on topics like Cooking, Photography, and English language. Hiring Developers Or need a Developer job Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 is devoted to bringing together the most talented software engineers with the best companies.

Web Site:
Headquarters:110 William Street Floor 28
New York, NY 10038
United States
Year Founded:2008
Industry:IT Services
Investors:Bezos Expeditions, Index Ventures, Spark Capital, Union Square Ventures

About Stack Exchange:

Stack Exchange hosts a network of more than 90 different Q&A sites and is the best place to find real, actual answers to questions on any topic- from programming to English language to photography and more. The company was officially founded in 2010 by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood and has received millions of dollars in venture capital from Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, Spark Capital, and Bezos Expeditions.

Our most popular site is Stack Overflow, the largest online Q&A for professional computer programmers. This website receives more than 18 million unique visitors every month and is the only place for developers to find answers to any programming question. Stack Overflow also hosts a hiring platform, Careers 2.0 which helps users connect with top employers all around the world to find new programming opportunities.

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