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Starling develops strategy management solutions that enable growing organizations to more quickly realize their goals. We're building more than a product. We're changing the way people work.

Web Site:
Headquarters:Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
Year Founded:2013
Investors:Kanfer Family

About Starling:

We believe that teams and organizations are at their best when functioning as living, emergent systems. This belief is rooted in Peter Drucker's famous quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." To us, its not just about what you're trying to accomplish but how you work to get things done.

Starling solutions integrate methodology developed and used by privately-held, family-led GOJO, inventor of PURELL, America's 1 Hand Sanitizer, with the ease of cloud technology and human-centered design. This unique combination enables teams to work faster and smarter. Starling was founded in August 2013 and has successfully tested a beta product, Starling for Projects. The initial results of the beta phase were very positive. Now, Starling is shifting gears in preparation for the market launch of its first full product.

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