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Blueprint provides the 8 million community college students in the U.S. with online education planning tools and a career marketplace, customized to help them map out their future academic and career opportunities.

Web Site:
Headquarters:Stanford Venture Studio
655 Knight Way, Building M
Stanford, CA 94305
United States
Year Founded:2013
Industry:Consumer Products and Services

About Student Blueprint:

Blueprint is where today's students draft their plans for tomorrow.

Today, the U.S. higher education system is failing to deliver on the promise of the American Dream. Of the 8 million students in community college, only 13 are on track to graduate on time. Our nation's companies and universities want to recruit these students, but there has been almost no transparency into the broken community college system. Moreover, there was no where for community college students and future schools and employers to connect.

The Blueprint Team wants to give every community college student the tools they need to make great academic and career decisions for their future.

Our technology is simple - students use Blueprint's website to search & chart how their interests and skills relate to future academic & employment opportunities. We've built the first ever job search tool catered specifically to community college students with over 5 million jobs posted today. We've also built a college search tool that uniquely addresses the key concerns of community college transfer students. All of these results end up on a student's Blueprint, which is a 21st century resume that allows students to display not only their past but also their future.

In addition to helping students, we support 4-year colleges and employers in important ways:
- We provide a marketplace between them and community college students looking towards their next step.
- We fill a market gap by offering ways for schools and employers to connect directly with prospective applicants.
- Our innovative Blueprint gives schools and employers a deeper understanding into students' potential and future aspirations.

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