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We help startups get started, get funded, get customers & get talent.

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United States
Year Founded:2012
Industry:Business Products and Services

About The StartUp Team:

The StartUp Team's mission is to make the startup experience as easy, efficient and effective as possible for entrepreneurs by (1) helping them through the process of building a business and (2) providing them with the services that they need to do so. We simplify the startup process to reduce entrepreneurs' stress and increase their chances of success. That's our goal, and it guides everything that we do.

In short, we help startups get started, get funded, get customers & get larger.

We help startups get started by providing company formation, branding and product development services.

We help startups get funded by preparing investor documents like pitch decks and business plans, keeping financials and tax filings in good order, and connecting founders with funders.

We help startups get customers by providing advertising and marketing services.

We help startups get larger by connecting them with great talent and office resources.

And we provide all of these services in one place to make life convenient for entrepreneurs and company founders who already have enough issues to deal with without having to waste their time figuring out what to do and then running around searching for people to do it.

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