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TigerText is the leader in secure, real-time messaging for health care, enterprises, and individuals. TigerText allows users to create a private and secure mobile messaging network with their own smartphone.

Web Site:
Headquarters:1310 Montana Ave
2nd Floor
Santa Monica,, CA 90403
United States
Year Founded:2010

About TigerText:

TigerText is the 1 leader in secure, real-time messaging. TigerTextPRO allows enterprises to create a private and secure mobile messaging network with their employees' smartphones. This controlled platform is HIPAA compliant and replaces the unsecured SMS text message that leaves protected health information and other confidential data at risk.
TigerText allows Hospitals and Physician groups to create their own HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging network for physicians, nurses and administrators. TigerText gives Health Care Providers ultimate communication control over the messages they and their employees send, with features such as: Self Deleting Messages (both on sender and receiver handsets), Message Recall, and Forward Lock. TigerText works on all smartphone platforms and also has a desktop web interface.

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