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USA Corporate Services is the gateway for foreign entrepreneurs and startups to enter the US market and grow into successful companies. Here you can learn what to consider when setting up a company, what are the procedures and the real costs and benefits, and see the whole life cycle of a company from creation to cashing in or (or closing down). You'll be trained to guide various types of clients through this process, and in the long term have this knowledge for the future, should you be considering your own startup in the future.

Web Site:
Headquarters:19 W 34th St. #1018
New York, NY 10001
United States
Year Founded:1983
Industry:Business Products and Services

About USA Corporate Services Inc:

USA Corporate Services is a leading gateway for foreign firms looking to expand into the US market. If you want a lasting, fulfilling career, filled with diverse challenges that make you think and learn, opportunities for career and personal growth, as well as work that is appealing and valued, consider joining our team.

You can expect a company culture where an entrepreneurial approach is not just welcomed but encouraged. Where you can work with colleagues who are supportive, positive, passionate and fun. Where rules and bureaucracy are scarce. Where best practices and knowledge are shared freely.

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