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UpdateZen is a mobile-first solution that provides executives and managers with beautiful visibility into the status of everything important their people are working on.

Web Site:
Headquarters:427 Bloomfield Ave.
Suite 405
Montclair, NJ 07042
United States
Year Founded:2013

About UpdateZen:

UpdateZen is very close to our private Beta... four of us... 2 brilliant developers, 1 terribly tasteful designer, and me, the founder. We're building a HIGHLY disruptive product for the mobile productivity market. And the open seat right now is for a very creative, resourceful marketing director (or "growth hacker" - if you prefer) who can help us launch our mobile solution into Beta, through Beta, into public launch, to initial traction, and then to organic scaling through terribly creative means.

Getting updated by your people, and tracking the status of the key things they're working on, is just not fun. It's not enjoyable, it's not organized, and it's highly stressful... for both the Team Lead (a CEO, Executive, VP, Director, Manager) and the Team Member (Direct Reports, Colleagues, Co-workers, Freelancers, Consultants, Contractors, Key Relationships).

Leaders are deluged with updates from across their team, through emails, spreadsheets, Word docs, texts, IM's, project management applications, etc... It's a mess. And email seems to just pile up furiously. And unnecessarily.

UpdateZen allows Team Members to effortlessly and enjoyably update their "boss" through a gorgeous iPhone app and a full functionality web app. And UpdateZen allows Team Leads to quickly review just the "need to know" updates from across their team in seconds via their own iPhone app or web app.

UpdatedZen headquarters are a gorgeous open office in the active NYC outpost of Montclair, NJ. We have people working here that live in NY, and those that live in NYC. We're only a 30 minute trainride from NYC's Penn Station to our location in Montclair

If you are someone who thinks big, wants to solve a huge, validated problem in the market, and is a uniquely talented marketing/growthhacker type of person, I'd LOVE to hear from you. If you want to join UpdateZen, then salary AND equity should both matter... alot. I don't want mercenaries. I want highly creative thinkers and geniuses in engineering, design and marketing... people who communicate well and work well with other creatives. It's a team effort, so you should truly enjoy working on a brilliant think-outside-the-box team if you want to apply.

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