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Vaxin Inc. is an emerging vaccine company using non-invasive means to elicit immune responses. Our lead programs are vaccines to prevent disease caused by Influenza (phase I), Anthrax, and Avian Influenza.

Web Site:
Headquarters:19 Firstfield Road
Suite 200
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
United States
Year Founded:1997
Investors:Redmont Venture Partners

About Vaxin:

The Company's proprietary technology consists of non-replicating adenovirus and bacterial vectors that can deliver antigens non-invasively (to the nasal passages or to the skin) to elicit a protective immune response. The nasal mucosa and the skin contain cells that participate in the body's protection mechanism against disease causing pathogens. Vaxin's technology harnesses this pre-existing feature of our immune system.

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