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Viridian Sciences is a business management software company utilizing SAP Business One as a platform to build the world's first enterprise software solution for the cannabis industry. As an SAP OEM Partner, we have the flexibility to really get under the hood a customize forms, develop add-ons and integrate hardware into the world's leading enterprise software. SAP is a top global brand; 63 percent of Fortune 500 companies' transactions run through SAP. We use the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) platform, and build multiple niche-specific solutions to suit the entire cannabis industry.

Web Site:
Headquarters:2114 Main St. #101
Vancouver, WA 98660
United States
Year Founded:2012

About Viridian Sciences:

Whether you're for or against the legalization of marijuana, we can all agree on one thing -- when legalized, we want it done right. Our company specializes in bringing SAP Business One, an Enterprise Resource Planning solution catered for small-medium sized businesses, into this brand new, tightly-regulated, extremely lucrative industry. Using a world-class accounting software platform, vertical system integration abilities, cutting-edge automation, and a team of specialized professionals/industry experts, we are leading the way with the legalization movement.

Viridian Sciences' primary business is providing business management software solutions to the recreational and medical marijuana industries. Our solutions are based on SAP, a world class business management software platform and a top 15 global brand. With fully integrated business processes, limitless external integration possibilities, audit-ready record keeping, and an all-in-one solution offering, Viridian's solutions have the potential to offer significantly higher economies of scale, and faster ROI from automation efficiencies than any of its competitors.

The software is fully GAAP compliant, facilitating streamlined auditability. Our solution automates all required accounting transactions, inventory postings, industry-specific business processes, and reports, which can save our clients up to 100,000s in efficiencies per year, depending on the size of the operation. Clients can usually justify the cost of our software as a replacement for 1 full-time employee, though our solution automates to jobs of numerous employees. Since our solutions automate numerous labor-intensive manual processes, clients can see the value of our solution vs. replacements. An advanced feature of Viridian's solution is the ad-hoc reporting ability, and custom data fields and tables. We have the ability to modify all existing reports and create new ones based on any element in the system including custom data. Using the world's premiere software technology in SAP, there are limitless integration possibilities. Some example projects include lab result integration, automatic tax paying, and auto-emailed reports, and genetics tracking, none of which any competitors can do.

Our development team is comprised of the best talent in the SAP Business One sector. With them, we give creative reign to our clients; we can create better, faster, more streamlined solutions based on their suggestion, and add the new feature to the general product for future users, or users who upgrade their system to the newest version. Our solutions are fully compliant with any applicable state cannabis laws, recreational or medical. With the development team, we have the flexibility to customize our solution and rapidly roll out updated software to clients, should there be any change in legislation.

Located in Vancouver, WA, the vast majority of current clients are Washington I-502 licensees. We intend to have a presence throughout the entire U.S. with recreational, medical, and ancillary industry solutions. Also, SAP is a global software mogul based in Walldorf, Germany serving numerous industries in countries from all sectors of the world. With a multitude of languages to select from in SAP, we have the potential to penetrate international markets with ease. We will soon enter markets such as Canada, the Netherlands, and other European countries to expand our global reach.

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