Start-Up Stories ... In 140 Characters

For Global Entrepreneurship Week USA, the NVCA and StartUpHire challenged start-up companies to briefly describe their unique entrepreneurial cultures. Here are some of the submissions.

“Our goals are astronomical
Our burn is economical,
We do what we must,
Without any fuss,
& our investor return is phenomenal.”

Bill Nelson, Ph.D. - VP of Manufacturing
Limerick BioPharma, Inc.

“Calling all entrepreneurial, insights-driven, A-HA! seeking colleagues that enjoy adventure and strong coffee (Risk-averse need not apply).”

Laurie Healy - VP, Marketing Communications

“Our CEO is wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt right now. At, we’re too busy innovating to iron!”

Bart Steiner - CEO

“A bad thing about working for a startup is everyone sees what you do. A good thing about working for a startup is everyone sees what you do.”

Chris Farber
Albridge Solutions

“Need a break? Do something else, it needs to be done, too. Waiting? Branch to executable code. Return. Want a change? Do something else.”

Rob Downing
Aloha Software

“Team-player attitude and the goal of upward trajectory: from taking clients out to a five-star restaurant to taking out the recycling.”

Christine Barbieri - Administrative Manager
Invite Media

“CodeRyte Haiku:

Our Coding is Great
Revolutionize Healthcare
Beats Unemployment”

Daniel Heffner - Implementation Engineering

“Solidica, Inc. - On the summit, down to the valley, and back on top again; and it's only Monday afternoon... Life is good.”

Ken Johnson - CEO

“Efficient, competitive, easy going, that gives me gratitude and that makes me want to wake up on the morning...not my boyfriend, my company!”

Sarah Balazuc - Marketing Associate

“ThreatMetrix: outing Web criminals & scammers in real-time--and loving it. Think big, Think fast. Work smart. Have fun. Rinse. Repeat.”

Tom Grubb - VP Marketing