Start-Up Stories ... In 140 Characters

For Global Entrepreneurship Week USA, the NVCA and StartUpHire challenged start-up companies to briefly describe their unique entrepreneurial cultures. Here are some of the submissions.

“Fannie Mae was so sick
A Capital Hill predicament!
L'esprit de l'escalier!
If known all we know today
She'd've invested in our Limerick”

Lauren Sharp - CRA
Limerick BioPharma

“There once were VCs
Extremely hard to please,
Moving at breakneck speed
Was their only creed,
But we exceeded all milestones with ease.”

Bill Nelson, PhD. - Vice President Product Development
Limerick BioPharma

“Dream it, then chase that dream for all your worth. It's true, the harder you try the luckier you'll become!”

Paul Hancock - Director
Newmead Solutions

“biggest lesson is that what you start up with could be
very different than what you end up with. I've examples.”

sasan khajavi

“The word "no" is only the beginning to any negotiation and "change" is the only constant in the world. Accepting these allows us to succeed.”

Plinio J Garcia - President
J Green Foods

“Always new challenges. The journey is an adventure where everyday is productive. Give 100% and always feel the time is well spent.”

Charles Rutledge - Managing Director
Precise Insights

“At HNL, we work hand-in-hand, through thick-and-thin, to paint the new world of information access.”

Janicia Koh - Administrator
Human Network Labs Inc.

“What makes work at HNL so tasty? The secret lies in the ingredients- challenges, collaboration, fun, love and zeal.”

Janicia Koh - Administrator
Human Network Labs Inc.

“HNL provides unique opportunity to see and take part of new technology birth.”

Janicia Koh - Administrator
Human Network Labs Inc.

“To strive, to seek, to find possiblity of Human network; this is... pursuit happyness.”

Janicia Koh - Administrator
Human Network Labs Inc.