Your Start-Up Story ... In 140 Characters or Less!

The NVCA is partnering with StartUpHire to promote Global Entrepreneurship Week USA (Nov 16-20) ... and we want your start-up stories.

Describe start-up life. Tell us about the unique entrepreneurial culture that inspires you to go to work each day. Encourage others to embrace the innovation, imagination and creativity of company building. Here are some examples:

You must have agility to be able to change hats mid-thought and analyze a problem in the opposite direction from someone else's shoes.

On the summit, down to the valley, and back on top again; and it's only Monday afternoon... Life is good.

Challenge status quo. Complacency not allowed. No mistakes = not trying hard enough = no growth. Push the envelope, be rewarded.

Stories will be published the week of November 16th on the NVCA and StartUpHire websites with the best submissions included in a national NVCA press release on November 20th.

Get creative - Tell us your story!