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Mobile Engagement Management The most robust mobile behavioral targeting, optimization, and analytics platform ever created. With one SDK to rule all, you can analyze then monetize your mobile business.

Web Site:
Headquarters:480 2nd Street
Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States
Year Founded:2011

About Apsalar:

Apsalar is driving a new market as the leader in Mobile Engagement Management (MEM) for mobile apps. App developers and publishers are using Apsalar's rich analytics to gain actionable insights into engagement, retention and monetization for their apps. With user-level analytics as the foundation, combined with Apsalar's behavioral targeting capabilities, app publishers are doing in-app testing and delivering personalized user experiences and content, as well as generating actionable recommendations, promotions and offers. App developers and publishers need to focus on engagement to keep their existing customers, win new customers and maximize revenue per user. Without meaningful engagement, far too many apps will languish in mediocrity.

Apsalar provides the most advanced Mobile Engagement Management solutions in the mobile apps market. The company is bridging the gap between analytics and behavioral targeting in mobile with advanced in-app and cross-app analytics, anchored in user action-based conversion funnels, deep cohort engagement, retention, monetization analysis, and advanced levels of segmentation.

Apsalar's Mobile Engagement Management solutions enable app publishers to analyze, optimize and monetize. App publishers can effectively boost the engagement and lifetime value of their users by discovering user behaviors, testing and optimizing personalized content and generating dynamic offers. Apsalar's investors include Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, DN Capital, 500 Startups, Mark Goines, Morado Venture Partners, Founder's Co-op and Seraph Group. The San Francisco-based company has laid claim to numerous awards including the AlwaysON 2011 Global 250 and OnMobile 100 Top Private Companies Lists, and has been named amongst eWeek's Top Ten Promising Mobile IT Startups to Watch in 2011. For more information, please visit http://www.apsalar.com.

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