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Assembla helps you build software faster with less stress.

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Headquarters:Needham, MA 02494
United States

About Assembla:

"At Assembla, we are committed to helping teams build software faster with less stress. To reduce your stress, we experiment on our own team first. We work as a truly global team. We moved from releasing every two weeks to releasing ten times per day. We are figuring out Continuous Agile. Everyone here helps us with discovery." - Andy Singleton, CEO/Founder, Assembla

Assembla is trusted by over 800,000 users in 100+ countries. We are delivering innovative tools and processes for the cloud era, based on the idea of continuous delivery. We're moving teams from the typical Scrum agile toward something that is more continuous, distributed, and scalable.

Here are some things to remember about Assembla

We provide a home for more than 100,000 client projects. Assembla workspaces are popular with consultants, outsourcers, and agencies, because you can start quickly, invite clients, and put a complete project in one place.

We provide support from humans. We answer our phone and email in multiple time zones.

The new Continuous Agile combines Kanban task management with Continuous Delivery code and test workflows. You can't close the task until you promote the related code. That's why we integrate tasks and code into one agile product.

Assembla is the world's best host for Apache Subversion, and damn good at git. We bring our traditional Subversion users a rich feature set for collaboration, commenting, and builds. Internally, we love git team workflows. We use them and shape them. We give you options to fork and merge, or work all together on one branch with change review and voting. Assembla git is git for teams. We were also selected by Perforce to bring true on-demand hosting to those who need big repositories and component assembly.

Assembla is employee-owned.

Think you can help us build a great product We might ask you to be a guest "story owner" who works with us through the complete process of defining a feature, working with designers and developers, beta testing and usability improvement, and the big "unveil".

Assembla will do whatever it takes to help you release more frequently. We think that hands-on help can be important for customers who are trying to put the pieces together for continuous delivery, and when we do it, we learn more about CI, CD, and scaling the development effort.

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