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BellaDati is an agile analytic and reporting BIG DATA tool that reinvents the way how business users interact with business data. BellaDati turns your sales,marketing, operational and nancial data into visualized reports and dashboards in it's own data warehouse.All you need is web browser or mobile device.

Web Site:
Headquarters:444 N. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
United States
Year Founded:2008
Investors:Martin Trgina, Miloslava Trginova

About BellaDati:

BellaDati is HQ Chicago, Singapore, Prague and our customers include RedBull, Korean Telecom, New World resources. Development and beta testing of BellaDati with famouse customers started in 2008 in EU. BellaDati was part of enterprise software integration company at that time. Later BellaDati received 3 MIO USD as seed funding from Martin Trgina(CEO founder) and Mila Trginova (CFO) to spin-off. At the end of 2012 BellaDati started commercially ship product and cloud service BellaDati in ASIA, USA and EU.

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