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BlueSpace is an innovative small business based in Austin, TX that has pioneered a breakthrough approach to multi-level secure applications called MLS 2.0, which span multiple network and security domains. BlueSpace is dedicated to providing MLS 2.0 applications to the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities and equipping our warfighters, intelligence community, and their coalition partners with unique MLS 2.0 capabilities essential to mission success and cyberspace dominance.

Web Site:
Headquarters:6300 Bridgepoint Parkway
Building I, Suite 450
Austin, TX 78730
United States
Investors:Gefinor Ventures

About BlueSpace Federal:

BlueSpace's mission is to serve the defense and intelligence communities with our innovative MLS 2.0 suite of applications.

For decades, the defense and intelligence communities have dreamed of having multi-level secure applications that could span network domains seamlessly. This dream has become a critical need with the continued growth in networks and the increasing need to share and collaborate internally and with coalition partners.

The MLS 2.0 approach unlocks the tremendous potential of multi-level security by lowering the cost, time and risk previously associated with MLS solutions. MLS 2.0 applications improve user productivity, decision making and collaboration. The approach supports a wide range of platforms and leverages UCDMO data guards and access solutions. BlueSpace continues to develop a growing suite of MLS 2.0 applications. We work extensively with partners to bring complete solutions to our customers.

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