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Building the Brain of Self-Driving Cars

Web Site:
Headquarters:365 Ravendale Drive
Mountain View , CA 94043
United States
Year Founded:2015

About is a Silicon Valley start-up founded by former lab mates out of Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Lab. We are working on creating AI software for autonomous vehicles with deep learning, and are seeking ambitious, bright-minded professionals who will become part of entrepreneurial teams. We prefer action over process and bureaucracy. We think big, but we're focused on action and making things happen. With a goal to have a product in the market, we work under fast execution and iterations.


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Software Engineer-Full Stack (Internal Tools)

Stage 3: Beta Test / Clinical Trials $> 50M raised$> 50M raised$> 50M raised$> 50M raised

Are you excited about shaping the self-driving car revolution and beyond? Our goal is to revolutionize transportation to bring safety, convenience and mobility to our roads and communities. We currently are one of the few companies that have autonomous vehicles on city streets.

7/14/2017  Mountain View, CA  Save This Job